What features are included in an Activitouch interactive table?

Every aspect of our product range is carefully considered with attention to detail, build quality & care environment safety in mind.

Powerful Android PC

We use a superfast, top of the range RK3399 processor for ultra responsive apps and media playback. With 4GB Memory and 32GB Storage. An SD card slot for adding up to 64GB additional storage. We cut no corners in the quality of tech we supply.

WiFi & Bluetooth

Integrated WiFi & Bluetooth means you can take fully advantage of this fantastic technology. The WiFi chip and aerial delivers a strong signal and stable connection. Our Bluetooth tech means you can easily connect to devices such as speakers, headsets and printers.

Integrated Video Calling

No need to worry about a wobbly webcam getting lost or broken. Our touchscreens feature an integrated 5MP camera for high definition video calling. Integrated 10w speakers produce loud conversations and a microphone completes the solution.

Over 50 Apps Pre-installed

Based on research from extensive testing, industry research and ongoing feedback, our technicians pre-install over 50 apps on every Activitouch. A mix of apps to suit everyone, such as digital board games, multi-media, sensory, memory, puzzles and more!

Google Play Store

With Google Play Store installed on every Activitouch, you can access thousands of new and emerging apps and content. You can try new ideas, themes or skills to tailor the interactive experience to each individual. Most apps are free or low cost.

Complete System

Activitouch is so much more than just a touchscreen with some apps installed. We designed a complete system for care providers that's designed to make the best use of staff time. Our Guardian app smartly controls apps, settings and blocks Ad pop-ups, paylinks, hyperlinks and other features in apps.

Toughened Glass

Our touchscreens are built with toughened safety glass. Our touch glass is far thicker & stronger than tech like iPads. Designed for public spaces and commercial environments, it is highly resilient to everyday use.

Steel Bumper

We use a steel bumper in our screen design to protect the Activitouch. The thin but extremely strong bumper means that users can get as close to the touchscreen content as possible. Those with limited reach will appreciate this design feature.

Robust Construction

Our production facilities in the North West of England are where we make our superbly robust metalwork designs. For bulk orders, we can also customise colours or design features for you.

IP65 Water Resistant

Critical for touchscreens used in tabletop positions, we only use touch sensor components that are IP65 rated, meaning they prevent water ingress to the electronics. This may be caused by accidental spills. Our specification here exceeds others.

Portable & Lightweight

Every Activitouch is portable for easy movement room to room. Locking castors fix the table securely in place. The castors are very robust and the footprint is optimised for minimal storage space.

Easy Screen Adjustment

The touchscreen angle can be adjusted from face-on, through various tilt angles, to fully flat tabletop setting. Versatile and easily adjusted for comfortable use. Tilt angles are especially beneficial for those with loss of dexterity.

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