Experience a fantastic mix of apps in full HD and audio.

ActiviTouch Apps & Guardian System

Play Store

All ActiviTouch tables are delivered with over 50 Android apps and a Play Store account so that you can easily add more.

Make it your own

Activitouch app content can be tailored to suit your users. Select Android apps for any age or ability.

Guardian app

Apps are uniquely controlled in our Guardian app, which means you can leave the tables unattended. The Guardian apps blocks ad pop-ups, weblinks and pay links so that you don't have to keep returning to screens to get users back onto an app. It also 'locks down' the touchscreen to prevent access to unwanted websites, apps and settings.

You get a complete system = a winning formula

This is what makes Activitouch so much better than other touchtables, it's a complete system with powerful yet easy to learn controls that save staff time and reduce user frustration.  This adds incredible value to your overall technology solution.

Included free

Our Guardian app system is included for free within the cost of every Activitouch table purchased.

App support

We also provide amazing support through our cloud app or on-site visit if required.  We're always just a phonecall, email or text message away whenever you need us!

These are a selection of apps which are pre-installed on very Activitouch.

Integrated Video Calling Technology

Every Activitouch touchscreen table has video calling apps installed and our tech team can help you with getting connected should you need assistance.

"It's better than an iPad video call, you actually feel like you're in the room together."

Video calling on ActiviTouch is much better for elderly users, who may have vision or hearing impairment. 

A big screen allows several families to join one screen for important events such as birthday parties. No need to worry about balancing, breaking or losing a webcam, all the video calling tech you need is integrated into our touchscreens.

No need to worry about safeguarding as the Activitouch has a camera security cover to conceal the camera when not in use.  The microphone also detaches when not in use.

Integrated 5MP camera

Directional Microphone

Integrated Speakers

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