What are the benefits of Activitouch?​

Why are interactive tables so useful for care environments?  Let’s consider the key benefits of this wonderful lifesize technology.

Larger Screen Content

While iPads and Android tablets have their part to play in the care environment, they are not a one-size fits all solution. Those with visual or hearing impairment may find it difficult to see the smaller screen or hear the lower power speakers. With Activitouch, everything becomes LIFESIZE and that makes reading, seeing and listening much better.

Staying Connected

As we all get older it becomes harder to stay in touch with loved ones. Through e-mail and apps like Whatsapp, Messenger etc, the elderly can stay connected with family and friends. This can ward off feelings of loneliness and depression.

Health Benefits

One of the major health benefits of the elderly using computers has to do with keeping their minds' active. Scientists have found that seniors who play online games improve their memory and help maintain other cognitive skills.

Sensory stimulation​

A decline in cognitive functioning can impair an older adults' ability to carry out cognitively demanding processes. For this reason we have a variety of lovely sensory and alzheimer/dementia targeted apps, which incorporate simple use of colour and interactive elements. These apps can significantly reduce confusion and increase ease of use. They also incorporate visual and audio feedback which gives some sense of control back to the resident or user.


Our solutions are easily portable room to room, so no need for a staff member to help hold a tablet in the correct position, just move the Activitouch to where you need it and adjust the screen angle to the best viewing angle. The robust screen mount keeps the touchscreen solidly in position for the duration of use.

Easy to use

There is no steep learning curve for staff or users. Anyone familiar with smartphones or tablets will instantly recognise how to use the apps and settings. Already used everyday in homelife, users will have no problem using the supersize Android screen. That doesn't mean that we won't be there for support and training - all Activitouch tables are sold with handover training and three years support.

Better for dexterity

Those whose dexterity has begun to decline, will benefit from larger screen controls that are more forgiving of shaky hands. On our large touchscreens, the hotspots or touch targets are much larger and easier to tap successfully. This leads to better enjoyment of apps and much less frustration compared to smaller touch targets on iPad screens and tablets.

Upper Body Movement - Exercise

The opportunity to be more active arises by reaching to touch app content on the larger touchscreen, in fact exercising the upper body without realising it. You can also use the YouTube app to follow armchair exercise classes.

Ergonomic comfort​

Our touchtables allow the screen to be positioned low enough and adjusted in tilt angle to reduce arm fatigue. A tilted screen angle provides a more comfortable choice for using a touchscreen for longer periods of time.

Spending time enjoyably

Touchscreen technology is wonderfully inclusive, with a simple tap or swipe, anyone can benefit. The possibilities are endless with a constant source of new and fresh content. Activitouch can free up staff time by providing entertainment to those who are bed-bound.


Memories triggered by music, images, video and audio can spark a conversation. Let the mind travel and reminisce with access to wonderful resource apps such as virtual tours, Google Earth and YouTube. Content can be tailored to each individual.

Creativity & Logic

Enjoy a large HD canvas to express creativity through colouring and drawing apps. For those with a more logical mind, puzzles and brainteasers come to life in large size digital format, with captivating audio visual effects.

Singing & Dancing

Singing and dancing is one activity that's always popular and we have a variety of multi- media apps to make this easier to enjoy in large groups. With apps like Spotify and YouTube, you have access to a catalogue of music, you can even follow dance lessons on the large screen.

Adjustment of screen brightness and text size

Our touchscreens are far brighter than an iPad, particularly in large sun-filled day lounge environments. No need to darken the room to see the content and if the screen is too bright or the text too small, it can be easily adjusted in the settings for individual users with eye conditions.

Activities Toolkit

Activitouch is not a replacement for day excursions, family visits, live entertainers, arts, crafts, baking or all of the many other wonderful activities on offer. Rather, it's a fantastic tech tool that will be a great addition to your activities toolkit. Able to reach and connect with those that perhaps wouldn't participate in anything else. Enhancing your 'go-to' list of things to do for entertainment and stimulation.

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