About Us

Who Are We

LifeSize is an award winning UK technology company. We specialise in mulit-touch technologies.

Activitouch is the name of our custom made technology range for care providers, designed and made in the UK.

We are no newcomer, we are a name that’s been tried and trusted for many years by many of the best companies and government bodies in the UK & worldwide.

This year we celebrate our 13th anniversary!

What We Do

We design, manufacture, assemble, support and repair all our own products. No middlemen or resellers.

We have our own in-house specialists for building touchscreens and Android systems.

Changing Lives

Every day, our customers share their inspiring stories with us. We’ve learned that technology enriches people’s lives in countless ways. It’s a creative outlet, a therapeutic tool for self-expression, and a way to connect to others.

We are truly inspired to be part of an experience for our customers that is both personally meaningful and universally inclusive.

Meet Our Leadership

We have a senior and highly experienced team who lead the development and support for Activitouch in the care provider market.


Technical Sales & Product Training


Sales & Product Training




Product Engineering Design


Senior IT Technician


Lead Programming

Why Choose Us?

We are a female led tech business and we are really passionate about product quality and aftercare service.  Our key objective is to deliver both quality and value for money for the care sector.

Our ActiviTouch range is the most affordable care home touch table solution in the UK because we design and make our own products and we sell direct.  Cutting out the middlemen (resellers) means that we don’t have to pay others a commission and that cost saving is passed onto you.

LifeSize have designed and manufactured touchscreen solutions for over ten years and we are trusted by many of the UK and USA’s leading brands.  Our breadth and experience in the manufacture and installation of touchscreens for many years means that we have rock solid experience in the long term running of hardware in commercial business environments. 

Unlike other suppliers, LifeSize only specialise in touchscreen hardware (we don’t sell photocopiers, printers, etc). We service all our own hardware and can manage all component and software issues in-house. We also don’t rely on 3rd parties – your problem won’t be passed through several layers of contacts before it reaches the original manufacturer.

Every Activitouch table includes our remote dashboard application. This means we can help troubleshoot any issues quickly. Our email and telephone support are our first line of support, backed up by our swift on-site support service for any issues that can’t be resolved remotely.

We gained a reputation for being able to provide ultra-large Android touchscreens when no other solutions existed on the market.  One of our first customers was IBM, who ordered two 146″ Android touchscreens almost ten years ago. Since then we have developed and customised many other Android  solutions and our knowledge in the design and support of Android systems is comprehensive.

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