Activitouch - Brings Laughter & Conversation

Interactive Activity Tables for Care Homes & Care Providers

ActiviTouch is an interactive activity table.  With over 50 Android apps, the ability to add more on your own, plus integrated video calling technology.  It’s the perfect addition to your activities toolkit. 

Activitouch - our range of interactive tables

Fixed height interactive touch table for care homes

Entry Level

Fixed height - 32" or 43" option.

Height adjustable interactive touch table for care homes

Mid Range

Height adjustable - 32" or 43" option.

Height adjustable, battery powered interactive touch table for care homes

Premium Battery Power

Battery powered - 32" or 43" option.

Join our growing Activitouch family!

These interactive tables are magic!

People with varying abilities benefit greatly from this large touchscreen technology, by being able to interact much more easily than with iPads, Android tablets or smartphones.  The large screen app experience is vastly different and can help improve well-being, sense of happiness and achievement.  Interactive tables are being used in the care environment to reduce boredom, to provide stimulation and to entertain in new ways.  Interactive tables are a great example of inclusive technology in practice, since they allow older people and those with disabilities to participate – here you can read more about the benefits of interactive tables.

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